Locally Grown Home Heating sm

We manufacture outdoor and indoor models in a variety of sizes to meet nearly every residential and light commercial heating need, for both
add-on/replacement and new construction application.

These state of the art hydronic wood
gasification furnaces bring wood heating into the 21st century with unparalled performance in efficiency, ease of operation, and safety.

Thinking about how you are going to keep warm next winter?

Concerned over the future of home heating fuel cost and availability?


Enjoy the physical luxury, economic comfort and outstanding environmental benefits of
this new, green, home heating technology from

Our wood furnaces are designed to fill a wide range of heating needs. Whether you are building new, remodeling, adding to an existing heating system or replacing one, we have the solution for you.

Typically, customers install our wood furnaces to supplement their existing oil or gas-fired hot water boiler or forced-air furnace. In most cases the WinterGreen hydronic wood furnace becomes the primary heat source, leaving the existing system in place as backup.

Another common application of our furnaces is replacement of older, much less efficient heating equipment including wood burning stoves and furnaces.

We understand that all of our customers are unique in their own preferences, in the way they define comfort and in the ways they prioritize purchase decisions. With the range of products we offer we are confident that we can meet your heating needs while exceeding your comfort and performance expectations.

Indoor Models

Outdoor Models

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